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This Cookies Policy provides information on the use of cookies by De Carlos Remón to enable users of the Site to give their informed consent to installation and, where appropriate, individual administration of cookies on their devices.
Our Cookies Policy is public and permanently available via the Cookies Policy link enabled on the Site, which you should read and review each time you enter the Site.
The existence of the Cookies Policy is announced to users visiting the Site by means of a pop-up banner displayed at the foot of the page, which alerts users to the installation of cookies and their purpose, as well as providing a link to this Policy to allow users to learn more about their content and functioning.
De Carlos Remón reserves the right to amend the Cookies Policy from time to time without prior notice.
Please contact us by email ( if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Cookies Policy.

¿What are cookies?

Cookies are information files which are downloaded to users’ devices to allow us to adapt certain characteristics of the Site to their needs and preferences, and thereby to improve the browsing and user experience. Cookies also allow storage of non-personal information on users’ behaviour after entering the Site for merely statistical purposes.
The information accessed by the cookies utilized by the Site is in all cases of a generic and anonymous nature. Cookies do not permit personal identification of the user or the storage of any personal data. However, certain non-personal and non-identifiable data concerning a given user (e.g. user’s browser type, geographic data) will be collected and recorded in De Carlos Remón’s servers in order to improve the user’s browsing and Site management experience.
Please consult our Privacy Policy if you wish to learn more about our personal data protection policy.

Types of cookies used

De Carlos Remón utilizes anonymous cookies that do not provide any information which might permit the deduction of personal data that may allow the identification of users of the Site.
De Carlos Remón utilizes the following cookies:




Set by


DECARLOSREMON[lang] Sets preferid language Own  10 min to several days
__utma Anonymous analytics tracking Google  10 min to several days
__utmc Anonymous analytics tracking Google  10 min to several days
__utmz Anonymous analytics tracking Google  10 min to several days
_icl_current_admin_language_ Identifies language browser setting Own Session
_icl_current_language Identifies language browser setting Own Session
wfwaf-authcookie Security Own Session
wordfence_verifiedHuman Security Own Session


Cookies management

Cookies are installed after obtaining the consent of the user. Consent is deemed to be obtained if the user clicks the “Accept” button on the cookies pop-up displayed when the Site is entered or if a user continues browsing the Site.
Any user wishing to revoke the consent given should delete the cookies installed and, where appropriate, modify their preferences with regard to the acceptance of cookies using the options provided by their browser. In order to prevent installation in the future, the user should enable the “Private Browsing”or “Do Not Track”options provided in their browser, which will block and/or deactivate the installation of cookies.
Users should follow the instructions provided by their browsers to permit, block or delete any cookies installed on their equipment or devices via the browser set-up options. The following links explains the steps involved in the configuration of cookies in the most widely used browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: delete and manage cookies
  • Mozilla Firefox: delete and block cookies
  • Google Chrome: delete, enable and manage cookies
  • Opera: Cookies options
  • Safari: managing cookies

If you use any other browser or the links provided do not contain the information you need, you will find information on how to manage the cookies installed your device via the “Options”, “Setup” or equivalent menu on your browser, or by consulting the “Help” or “Support” section of your browser.
It is possible that some functionalities of the Site may become unavailable if you block or deactivate cookies in your browser.
Remember that you should configure your preferences on all of the devices you use to browse the internet.


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